The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), a registered charity founded in 1956, is the UK’s leading road safety organisation dedicated to raising driving and riding standards on our roads, in order to reduce the number of collisions and the resulting deaths and injuries.

The IAM endeavours to achieve this by influencing policy at all levels of government and plays a major role in developing and promoting new ideas for road safety. It engages with the driving public by promoting the Advanced Driving or Riding Test, which is accredited by the Driving Standards Agency.


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Over 350,000 people have taken the Advanced Test and the IAM has a current membership of around 130,000. There are over 200 IAM affiliated groups across the UK, dedicated to helping the public become better, more skilful and safer drivers and riders, who enjoy their driving and riding even more.

The IAM Advanced Test is available for motorcars, motorbikes, minibuses and commercial vehicles. Statistics show that those who have passed the Institute test have had their chances of being involved in a collision reduced by two thirds.
Skill for Life (£149) – the IAM training package to prepare for the IAM Advanced Test
The techniques of advanced driving are based on the Police system of car control as explained in the Police driving manual “Roadcraft”. The IAM book “Advanced Driving - How to be a Better Driver” sets out the standard for the IAM Advanced Test.

The “Skill for Life” driver training package is a complete package available to purchase at a cost of £149, either by contacting the IAM directly or from the IAM website, or by contacting a local group (see Contact Us).

The “Skill for Life” package provides you with:

The Advanced Driving Test.
Your personal copy of the IAM’s driving manual, “Advanced Driving - How to be a Better Driver”.
First year membership of the IAM (on passing the Test).
Associate membership of Solihull Advanced Motorists (SAM).
In-car observed drives with an observer.
Free evening courses covering the theory of advanced driving, organised by SAM.
The Advanced Driving Test
The Advanced Driving Test lasts for around 90 minutes, driving between 30 and 40 miles along all types of roads - urban, motorways or dual carriageways, and country roads. The test is by an IAM examiner who holds a Police Advanced Driving certificate and will have extensive experience from working within sections of the Police Services throughout the UK.

The Test provides a comprehensive assessment of driving ability, allowing the candidate to alter their drive according to the conditions and environment of the road, negotiating the hazards and situations that occur to show their driving knowledge, ability and skills.

The objective of the test is to allow the driver to demonstrate a good standard of driving in all situations rather than excelling in one area. The Advanced Driving Test IS NOT EASY but is within reach of all vehicle users given the right guidance and the application and practice of the knowledge and skills. Most people comment on how much they have enjoyed the test and their sense of achievement.

The best way of preparing for the Advanced Test is to join a local group. Solihull Advanced Motorists has a team of 21 observers able to help you learn the knowledge and skills required and put them into practice. (see the section on SAM Courses).




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